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December 13

Daisy and Milo's puppies were born. 3 girls and a boy. both mum and babies doing very well.

October  2010

due to ongoing problems with Saffy not getting along with the other dogs I had to make the heartbreaking decision to rehome her. She now has a lovely home where she is the only dog and is much happier.

September  25th  Dashin Dogs Agility Show

Ruby had a very good  day being placed 6th in graded1-2 agility and  then 2nd in the combined 1-2 jumping class.

July 31st  BSDA Championship Show

Lily came 2nd in a very strong Junior class.

Ruby Wins Limit bitch and comes second in Novice Obedience


July 24th -26th  Adams Agility Show

Ruby gets several clear rounds in her jumping and agility classes.

daisy also makes her debut and also goes clear in her classes.

July 11th  East of England Championship Show

Milo came 2nd in a very large puppy class which qualifies him for Crufts

July 4th  Dashin Dogs Agility Show

Ruby ran excellently winning the Grade 1 Agility class on the Sunday which wins us out of Grade 1. She also got a 12th and a 5th place ans 2 clear rounds.

June 25th  Blackpool championship Show

Milo came 4th in a very large puppy class.

June 12  Northern Belgian shepherd Dog show.

Another very good result with Lily getting best Malinois puppy. Ruby won the Novice obedience and Saffy came second.

May 30  Dog Vegas Agility Show

Ruby did really well gaining 5 clear rounds and a 12th and 5th place in Agility this weekend.

April 18  Tailwaggers Agility Show

Well done to Saffy who did a super run in the jumping. She ran clear and came fourth. Only a couple of seconds behind the winner. Ruby came 5th in the time fault and out. and also picked up a fourth place in the Tunnel Troubles round where there were lots of tunnels on the course and they had to be avoided.

May 04  Daisys litter born

2 bitches and 4 dogs. Beautifully marked puppies.

April 02 - 05  TAG Agility Show

As always Ruby was a little star. She got 5 clear rounds out of 6 runs. The only one she missed was down to me getting lost. She also got a sixth place and a second place in Agility. She now has enough points to upgrade but we will wait to see if I can get that elusive win

March 28 - BSDA Open show

Lily came 4th and Rosie came 5th in a very strong junior class, then Saffy came second in her post graduate class.

We also entered the Obedience and Ruby came third in Novice and Saffy fourth.

March 20 - West Torrington Open Show

Lily and Rosie were both entered and  came Second and Third respectively in the Junior class. Milo came second in the AVNSC Utility class

March 11 - Crufts

Casey did very well and came second in the veteran class. In addition he had his eyes tested whie we were there and they were clear which is excellent for a nearly 10 year old dog

February 21 - Tail Waggers Agility Show

Ruby ran really well gaining a 7th place, a 9th place and a 3rd place. Saffy also got placed 9th in the agility and 3rd in the games class.

February 20 - National Working and Pastoral Breeds Society

Lily (Foxbriar Naught but Nice) Won the Malinois Post Graduate class and Rosie (Foxbriar Shady Lady) came Third in Open. The two girls then ran off for best puppy in breed and Lily won

February 14 - Gundog Agility Show

Saffy gained her first ever clear round and came Third in the "anything but a Gundog Class beating Ruby into Fourth place

February 10 - Northwich Canine Society Limit Show

Lily (Foxbriar Naught but Nice) came second in the Minor Puppy class and also the Special Yearling Pastoral class. Milo won Minor Puppy Dog and Special yearling Utility.

February 06 - Newark & District Canine Society

Lily (Foxbriar Naught but Nice) came second in the Malinois Junior class and Rosie (Foxbriar Shady Lady) came fourth

January 21 - Manchester Championship Show

Lilys first show. She gained 2nd in the AVNSC Pastoral Minor Puppy class