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Malinois Litter Week One

Ruby had the first few puppies in her crate as she wanted to be in a dark cave. first a dog at 5:20 am, then thirty  minutes later a bitch. Then another two dogs thirty minues apart. We then had to wait nearly an hour until 7:40 for puppy number five who was another dog. and then pupy number six came along at 8:30. another bitch.

 After this Ruby had a longer break and I wondered if she had finished. The scan had said eight puppies but they are not always right.

Ruby had a break and went into the garden and we moved the puppies into the welping box where they had more room. 11:00 and no sign of any more pups so I decided to take the other dogs for a rather belated walk. No sooner had I left the house than Robin rang to say she had had another pup at 11:20 another bitch.

We had another break then until 14:15 when dog number five arrived, 

and then finally a surprise arrival, bitch number four at 16:30.

All the puppies are feeding well and Ruby is managing them very well.

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